100 things in Lockdown!

Here are some awesome things to try in lockdown or just for fun!

1. Bake or cook delicious foods!

2. Try a new sport!

3. Play a board game with your family!


5. Read a new book!

6. Blogging!

7. Make your own Cinema!

8. Get new apps to virtually see your friends or relatives!

9. Watch a youtube tutorial!

10. Take up a new skill!

11. Have a dance party, even if it is by yourself!

12. Experiment with different fashions!

13. Do a puzzle!

14. Have a pillow fight, but don’t be too rough!

15. Learn some interesting facts!

16. Try sewing or knitting!

17. Do something nice for others!

18. Do some art!

19. Write in a journal about your experiences!

20. Write a story!

21. Grow plants or a veggie patch in your garden!

22. Change the style of your room!

23. Have a water balloon fight!

24. Do a quiz (for example, what Hogwarts house are you in?. I am in Gryffindor.What house are you in? -Comment below!)

25. Dress up!

26. Make your own Escape room for your parents or siblings!

27. Eat foods from different countries!

28. Do some Mindfulness colouring!

29. Do some Yoga!

30. Make a comic book!

31. Ride your bike!

32. Play with your pets!

33. Make a Kahootand do it with your family!

34. Make a Rube Goldberg!

35. Draw with chalk on the footpath!

36. Tell jokes and riddles to your family!

37. Practice different hairstyles!

38. Try and learn all the lyrics to a song!

39. Do some Karaoke!

40. Make an obstacle course to test your fitness!

41. Have a Pyjama day!

42. Have a bubble bath!

43. Make a movie!

44. Make loombands!

45. Donate to a charity of your choice!

46. Make a treasure hunt!

47. Visit a live stream of animals at the zoo!

48. Write a song!

49. Write and post a letter!

50. Go on a bushwalk!

51. Colour code your stationery!

52. Do some Cross-stitch!

53. Call your grandparents!

54. Make slime (Don’t get it on the carpet!)

55. Make a pet rock!

56. Research Guinness World Records, Could you break one?!

57. Pick a flower and give it to someone!

58. Have a lightsaber battle!

59. Play in the rain!

60. Have a staring contest!

61. Make your own family Olympics!

62. Make a time capsule!

63. Make a puppet show!

64. Play Just Dance!

65. Act like celebrities in a photoshoot!

66. Try an exotic new food!

67. Learn a new language!

68. Try and find a picture of your relatives when they were young!


70. Listen to music!

71. Dance!

72. Clean your room!

73. Watch a performance online!

74. Make a dance move!

75. Create a movie!

76. Make a milkshake!

77. Create your own bowling alley using items around the house! (Ask your parents before doing this.)

78. Try and see how well you can imitate your favourite celebrity!

79. Play Hide & Seek!

80. Start a bullet journal!

81. Write your own quote!

82. Watch a classic movie!

83. Research what your name means! My name is Stephanie – it means “crown”.

84. Do a word search!

85. Learn sign language!

86. Listen to a TedTalk!

87. Make a collage!

88. Have a tasting test! Not a school test! Blindfold yourself and get another person to feed you food. The person with the blindfold has to guess the food! No peeking!

89. Don’t like to read? Listen to an audiobook!

90. Learn the periodic table song!

91. Watch a try not to laugh video!

92. Bounce on the trampoline!

93. Try rollerskating or rollerblading!

94. Make your own pasta!

95. Watch a movie which is based on a true story!

96. Design your dream house!

97. Create an invention!

98. Do some meditation!

99. Find the perfect smoothie combination!

100. Have FUN!!!


There are endless possibilities when cooking but here are some of my favourite recipes to get you started!
Recipes to love!

Science is so much fun! Here is a video with some awesome science experiments, so go check it out:

I hope these activities keep you busy and you have fun trying all these cool things to do!