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This is my avatar!

In some lens this looks like me but there are so many other things to me and my face.

For starters, I have freckles, long eyelashes and a much bigger smile. My cheeks are normally bright red from running around all day. The hair isn’t perfect in my avatar, but any hair with curls is close!

I faced a few challenges while creating my avatar:

  • It had limited choices for your appearance so it was difficult to make an accurate representation of myself.
  • It took a while to load onto all of the options, but I stayed patient!

All in all, this was a fun activity, but I am really excited to tell you about my personality!


One thought on “My Avatar

  1. Well done for creating your avatar, Steph. This will become useful when we start the SBC (Student Blog Challenge) and you begin commenting on other students’ blogs.

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