How to add a button reference✅

I have lots of photos on my blog, and I reference them by adding a button.

I get all these photos from an amazing website called Unsplash! You find the most awesome pictures on there and you can reference them.
And here is how I do it…

Step 1. Find your picture, hover over the chosen photo, and press the
downwards arrow (the download symbol).





Step 2. Press, “embed a credit badge”





Step 3. Highlight the HTML code and copy it.

Step 4. Go onto your Edublog post and then press text.

Step 5. Paste the HTML code to your current code.

Step 6. Go back onto the Visual (not the code) and see your button.

Finally, you are done! There are lots of other fun things to do with your button for example, change the colours and the text.

I hope you learnt how to add a button.

If you have any questions please ask.


2 thoughts on “How to add a button reference✅

  1. Hello steph
    I really liked your explanation on how to use a picture button it was much better than mine :/
    I might link this explanation on my explanation 🙂 (if thats ok with you of course)


    • Hi Anna!

      Thank you, though I am sure that yours is very good and I will check it out! Of course, you can link my explanation! Looking forward to seeing the post!


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