Country of Focus – Cambodia🇰🇭

Above is Cambodia’s flag!👆

I got this picture from Unesco.

Cambodia is in continent Asia.

The Capital City of Cambodia is Phnom Penh.

Cambodia is in the Northern hemisphere.

The population of Cambodia is around 16,642,190 people.

Cambodia’s national language is Khmer but many others in Cambodia speak different languages. Some of those languages are French, Cham, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Cambodia’s currency is the Cambodian riel.

A connection between Cambodia & Australia is that they have a defense program together.

Cambodia has no McDonalds in their country, being one of the few places without one. This is because the economy has lack of progress.

Cambodia’s bordering countries are:

Vietnam, East/Northeast
Thailand, Northwest
Laos, North

These are some facts about Cambodia for my Country Of Focus.






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