How to add a pet to your blog🐾

Hi there,

If you have seen my blog you probably would of noticed my pets!

Go check my furry friends out! Scroll down on my blog, where you will see their cute digital faces!🥺

In this post I am going to be teaching you how to adopt one of these cute animals!

Step 1. Head to my blog and find one of my pets. Click on one of them!

Step 2. Click on, “adopt your own virtual pet… it’s FREE!” 

Step 3. Now choose your very own pet (Tough decision)!

Step 4. Replace pet name with your choice of name. Put your first name where it says adopter name. You can change the colour of your pet too! Once you’ve done press finish.

Step 5. Press on, “non-flash (journal sites eg)”.

Step 6. Copy the code! 

Step 7. Go onto your blog, hover over the name of your blog and press Widgets.

Step 8. Once onto the Widgets page scroll down until you see text. Press text.

Step 9. Select where you want to put your widget, and press add widget.

Step 10. Press text on your widget.

Step 11. Paste your code in the text section.

Step 12. Go onto Visual and see your pet! Then press save.

Step 13. Go onto your blog and see your pet!!!!

I hope you successfully learnt how to add a pet to your blog!

If you had any questions about your furry friends, ask!


4 thoughts on “How to add a pet to your blog🐾

  1. Hi Steph! I really liked your instructions on creating pets. I created my own from your information. You can check them out on my page, and I also updated information on Scarlett for you to read.

    • Hi Rose!

      I went onto your blog! It is beautiful! I love your posts and the style of you blog! I really want roller skates! Where did you buy yours? I read about Scarlett, she sound adorable!


      • Hi Steph I went onto my own blog and found out that I am indeed not good enough to be on this amazing page of yours. And my friend Jmar is a mouth breather.

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