Avatars & All about me💙

Hello everyone,

So you may have seen my old avatar post, if you haven’t go check it out: Old Avatar Post

But for the Student Blogging challenge I wanted to change it up a bit. So I made a new avatar on a new website: https://avatarmaker.com/

Here it is

Hi, My name is Steph and I live in Adelaide, Australia. I am 11 years old and I am in Year 6. I love to read, to play Lacrosse, arts and crafts, cooking, hanging out with friends & family, writing stories, playing with animals and having fun!

Here is an acrostic poem that describes me:

S trong/Sweet/Sunshine

T enacious

E nergetic

P ositive/Persistent

H appy/Hilarious

So thats a bit about me!

If you want to know more about me, visit my About me page:

About me👍

Remember to comment below, if you think you have some of my personality traits and if you don’t, tell me yours! Also I really want to see your blogs, so leave me a link of your awesome blogs!

Bye for now!

22 thoughts on “Avatars & All about me💙

  1. Hi Steph,
    I was very excited to see you commented on my class blog. I have always wanted to travel to Australia. How are things there now? Currently, due to the Corona Virus they have shut down all school building in our state. We have to teach our students online. Many of us are sad because it came so sudden and we didn’t get to tell each other good bye. I love the layout of your blog. It is very colorful and fun. You have so many widgets too, I can tell you have taken your time to make it yours. We don’t have many people that play Lacrosse in Kansas. The sports here are American football, basketball, soccer and baseball. There are other sports too but those are the most popular in our area. I am a cheerleading coach at my school. I love cheerleading! What are your favorite stories to write?
    Mrs. Panko

    • Hi Mrs. Panko,
      Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I think Australia is very fun! You should definitely visit here some time! I hope your class, including Willa, are all well and that Online School works. Thank you for the compliment, I am very creative and colourful myself! I think it is really fun to personalise my blog. In Australia we have Australian Football League (AFL). Unfortunately the season is cancelled due to the Corona Virus. Cheerleading has always sounded very fun to me, because I like both dance and gymnastics. Cheerleading must be really fun to teach. I love to write stories about characters I draw, stories that some people can relate too or stories that spread multiple emotions. I also commented on one of your students blogs, Peyton. I will continue visiting your class blog throughout the year to see whats going on in Year 5!
      Yours Sincerely,


  2. Bonjour Steph !

    Je t’écris en français puisque tu étudies notre langue. Je t’encourage à continuer car tu as envoyé un texte sans erreur à notre blog de classe.
    Nous vivons à Brindas près de la grande ville de Lyon. Nous sommes une école mixte qui accueille autant de filles que de garçons.
    Notre classe participe au Student Blogging Challenge, malgré les moments difficiles que nous vivons ici en France et en Europe.
    Je suis le professeur. Aujourd’hui, je suis seul à écrire parce que mes élèves sont enfermés à la maison. Depuis l’attaque du coronavirus, tout le monde doit rester confiné. Tous les endroits sont fermés : administrations, commerces, installations sportives, cinémas et bien sûr écoles. Ainsi, la salle de classe est vide et vos amis de France sont privés de leurs camarades de classe pour une période inconnue. Ils continuent d’apprendre grâce à notre blog de classe.
    Félicitations pour ton “About page” qui est vraiment très intéressante. Tu sembles être dans une école géniale. Je vais inviter mes étudiants à visiter ton fantastique blog.

    Thank you for your message, dear Steph. Give my friendships to your teacher(s) and your classmates.

    Serge Galligani, Professeur du CM2 de l’école de Brindas, France

    ( You can use Google Translate to understand this comment. It would be nice that you answer this message and that you also copy/paste your answer on our class blog :
    http://cm1.galligani.eu/student-blogging-challenge/commentaires-comments-2020/ )

    • Bonjour,
      Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse / commentaire! Je vais certainement continuer à apprendre le français! Votre école semble fabuleuse. J’espère que tout le monde est heureux et bien en ces temps. J’espère que votre école et votre classe iront bien! Merci pour votre complément sur ma page A propos, j’adore exprimer ma personnalité! J’adorerais communiquer avec ta classe! J’adore mon école, nous nous amusons tellement et j’aime apprendre!

      J’aimerais continuer à vous voir blog! J’aimerais vous souhaiter, à vous et à votre classe, de bons moments!


  3. Dear Steph,
    I really value your effort, creativity and detail you have added to this great post.
    I also value your acrostic poem.
    Great Job!

    • Hi Lily,
      Thankyou so much for your comment! I had a look at your blog, it is so cool! You are so creative and kind!


  4. Hi Steph,

    I really like your blog! What is it like in Australia? I live in the USA, and I love sports, baking, outside, and playing with friends and family.


    • Hi Gianna,
      Thank you for your comment! I love your name! Australia is awesome, we have lots of wildlife and nature! I live in the City though. I love to bake and all the other things you mentioned in your comment! I would love to see your blog, (if you have one!)!


      • Thanks Steph!

        Yes, I have a blog and I would love it if you could check it out! 😀 By the way, I think your name is pretty too!


        • Hi Gianna,
          I would love to see your blog! Can you leave me a link to your blog? Are you participating in the Student Blogging Challenge? Thanks for saying you like my name too! 🤗


  5. Hi, Steph!

    My name is Mrs. Wohlafka, and I am a commenter for Student Blogging Challenge.

    I see you love to read. So do I! I am a teacher assistant in a school library in the United States of America. I have a degree as a school librarian. What kinds of books do you like to read?

    • Hi Mrs. Wohlafka,
      I really appreciate your comment!
      I really love to read! Do you like being a librarian, I imagine it would be so fun! I love to read Mystery books as well as feel-good books! What is your favourite genre?


      • Yes, I love being a librarian! My favorite genre is Mystery! Might I suggest “13 Hangmen” by Art Corriveau, “Funjungle” by Stuart Gibbs, and “Lockwood & Co.” by Jonathan Stroud?

        • Library is so fun! That is funny that we both enjoy mystery books! I would love some more books so I will definitely check those books out!


  6. Wow, this is a vivacious blog, and I felt cheered just by visiting! Nice to meet you and to get to know a bit about you.

    You have so many interests! I hope they are helping you during this time of being at home around the world. My students and I are trying to approach it as a different sort of adventure, and we have made some home goals (not stressful ones) of trying new things, helping people, reading more, and things like that. Some are building forts, some are cooking a dinner for their family, and more.

    I look forward to reading more on your blog. I smiled because it is spitting snow where I live in New Hampshire today, and I enjoyed the snow on your blog.

    ~Miss Blessing
    STUBC commenter
    Vermont, USA

    • Hi Miss Blessing,

      I loved hearing that my blog brightened your day! Nice to meet you!

      I am trying to keep going with my interests but there are a few things that stop me from doing them. I think that is such a positive way to approach these horrible times! You have definitely made my day by making me feel so happy!

      Thankyou! You have snow near you?! I have never been to the snow but I have always wanted to go! It is pretty cool, the snow! It is a plug-in on Edublogs.

      If you have a blog of your own, I would really love to see it!

      Sorry it took me so long to reply!

      Kindest Regards,


    • Hi AK21,

      It’s cool that you like to cook too! Crepes are one of my favourites things to cook too! I also like to cook pasta and really any dessert! Crepes really do taste good!

      I will definitely visit your blog!


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