A little introduction…😋

Dear Readers,

If you want a little virtual introduction, here is a tiny tellagami that tells you the basics about me!

If you want to make your own tellagami, download the mobile phone app.

Comment if you liked the tellagami. If you did here is the website to give you an introduction to tellagami!

If you want to know more about me, go and visit my Avatars & all about me post

& my About me page!

Thanks so much for reading this post, I hope you continue to visit my blog! Remember if you do comment leave your blog link so I can visit it!


21 thoughts on “A little introduction…😋

  1. Hi Steph,

    I love your creative introduction! Thank you for telling us about Tellegami. I am including this example in the new Student Blogging Challenge post that I’ll publish today.

    It looks like you’ve learnt so many things about blogging as you have some creative widgets and other tools. I’m curious, did you teach yourself or has your teacher been going through all these things with you?

    Keep up your fabulous work!

    Best wishes,
    Kathleen Morris

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Thank you so much for choosing my post to share with everyone in the Student Blogging Challenge.

      I really enjoy blogging. It is my first year but I am already loving it! I love to express myself with all of the widgets and colours on my blog.

      My teacher has been great when teaching us how to add widgets however some of the widgets I taught myself to add. For example the ones I have developed by myself include my avatar widget, the weather, world time zones, Student Blogging Challenge Badge and the galleries.

      Once again, thank you kindly for sharing my example. I am really enjoying the SBC and I am really excited to continue with the challenge.

      Kindest Regards,


      • Hi Steph,

        Thank you for your wonderful reply!

        You’re clearly an outstanding writer and you’re very creative — maybe you’ll end up having a career in writing or the arts!

        Your widgets are a lot of fun and I just love the way you use colour.

        I’ll be publishing the new post soon. Hopefully you get some new visitors!

        Best wishes,

  2. Hi Steph, your edu-blog page is one of the best one’s I’ve seen! I really like how you used a Tellagami to introduce yourself. Would you mind if I used this idea on my page? I also like all your other posts on your page!

  3. your blog is one of the best ones i have seen it is soo bright and colourful and beautiful and i love theses little thing that are flighting thought your back of you blog

    • Hi Tiarny,

      Thankyou for saying that my blog is one of the best ones you’ve seen! I love to express myself with bright colours and fun widgets! The little things flying around is snow! If you want, I can make a tutorial about how to add snow?
      You are so kind!


  4. Hi Steph,
    I absolutely love your idea about using Tellegami! Now I understand why you have been featured in the blogging challenge this week! I can’t really give you useful feedback to improve for your work, for it is already amazing!

    Please come by and visit my blog, https://evelynw620.edublogs.org/

    From Evelyn.

    • Hi Evelyn,

      Thankyou so much! You are so kind! Tellagami is really fun! When I featured int the SBC post, I was really excited! I visited your blog! I really love it! I love you beautiful quote at the top of your blog and your avatar!


  5. Hi Steph,
    I love how you made a creative introduction to your blog by using tellagami. Your blog is very original and I love the way you express yourself. I am new to blogging and you are an inspiration to me. You are an amazing blogger.
    I was wondering if I could use Tellagami on my blog [ you might be starting a new craze ]?

    • Hi,

      Thankyou so much! I love expressing myself with my blog! You are so kind! It lighted up my day when I saw I was an inspiration to you! I am new to blogging too!
      Of course you can use Tellagami!
      I would really love to see your blog! Maybe if you want you can leave me a link to it so I can visit!

      You are just the kindest!


      • Hi Steph,
        You’re welcome! You’re very creative and your ideas are very original, maybe you could become a profession blogger in the future.
        Right now I am stuck and can’t think of any ideas to blog about! If you could help me out with some ideas, it would be appreciated. Once I have blogged a bit more on then I will send you the link to my blog.
        Keep blogging,

    • Hi Nick!

      Thank you! I love using my creativity by adding bright colours to my blog! You are really nice!
      I am definitely going to visit your blog!


    • Hi Hillary,

      Thanks! I love to be creative and use my imagination! Designing my blog was really fun! I visited your blog, I really enjoyed seeing that it was about the environment! I love helping nature and animals!


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