Earth Day🌳🌏

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is held every year on the 22nd of April. This year it is Earth Day’s 50th anniversary!
Earth Day is where we make a change to help the environment. We all need to do our bit to be sustainable, everything counts!
This Day reminds us to take action to help our world.

Food Waste

Have you ever decided to clean your fridge and then saw that you have a bunch of old, over date foods or foods that you’ve never used? Then, you just throw it all away! I am not saying that you should keep over date foods but I am saying that you should not waste!

Brooke Lark


What can you do to waste less?

  • Make a shopping list

Stick to your list! Write a shopping list that you or your parents will stick to. This will help so you can buy less at the shops. Be strict with yourself, if you see a packet of chips that isn’t on your shopping list or you really don’t need, just say no to yourself.

Mike Petrucci


  • Use ripe or leftover fruit or yogurt to make smoothies or ice cream.

Visit this link to find a Tropical Smoothie Recipe:


  • Get a compost bin or feed food scraps to chickens.

Put all your scraps in the compost bin. Remember anything that grows goes. Which means anything that grows can go in the compost bin, even hair!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


  • Donate leftover food to charity.

Even though you may have the privileges of eating fresh food whenever you want…some people don’t.

There are so many food-related charities to donate to like,  Foodbank and OzHarvest and Meals on Wheels.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash


Did you know?

Almost 1 in every 15 children in developing countries dies before the age of 5, most of them from hunger-related causes.

One-third of all food produced is lost or wasted –around 1.3 billion tonnes of food –costing the global economy close to $940 billion each year.

8% of greenhouse gases heating the planet are caused by food waste.

Almost half of all fruit and vegetables produced are wasted (that’s 3.7 trillion apples).

If one-quarter of the food currently lost or wasted could be saved, it would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people.

One in nine people do not have enough food to eat, that’s 793 million people who are undernourished.

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