Hi readers,

A while ago I made a tutorial about how to add a button reference to an Unsplash photo!

Here is the link to it: How to add a button reference✅

Also, I made another tutorial about how to add colour and text to your reference buttons, so go check that out too!How to add colour and text to your button🎨✏️

Unsplash is awesome! You get to have amazing photos for free, but you need to reference the photographer!

Here are some really cool photos I found on Unsplash!







I hope that you like the tutorials! If you have any questions please ask in the comments.
Comment below what was your favourite photo?

Testing Tables, Colour & Font🤞⭐️

Tropical Paradise!🌴🌺☀️ 

Tropical Paradise!🌴🌺☀️                                                                       

I love to travel! 🧳✈️🗺                                      I love to travel! 🧳✈️🗺
Taking photos, taking risks, taking my ticket to travel to paradise!👍😄Amazing sites to see!




Feeling glorious!

Feeling glorious!






How to add a pet to your blog🐾

Hi there,

If you have seen my blog you probably would of noticed my pets!

Go check my furry friends out! Scroll down on my blog, where you will see their cute digital faces!🥺

In this post I am going to be teaching you how to adopt one of these cute animals!

Step 1. Head to my blog and find one of my pets. Click on one of them!

Step 2. Click on, “adopt your own virtual pet… it’s FREE!” 

Step 3. Now choose your very own pet (Tough decision)!

Step 4. Replace pet name with your choice of name. Put your first name where it says adopter name. You can change the colour of your pet too! Once you’ve done press finish.

Step 5. Press on, “non-flash (journal sites eg)”.

Step 6. Copy the code! 

Step 7. Go onto your blog, hover over the name of your blog and press Widgets.

Step 8. Once onto the Widgets page scroll down until you see text. Press text.

Step 9. Select where you want to put your widget, and press add widget.

Step 10. Press text on your widget.

Step 11. Paste your code in the text section.

Step 12. Go onto Visual and see your pet! Then press save.

Step 13. Go onto your blog and see your pet!!!!

I hope you successfully learnt how to add a pet to your blog!

If you had any questions about your furry friends, ask!


Country of Focus – Cambodia🇰🇭

Above is Cambodia’s flag!👆

I got this picture from Unesco.

Cambodia is in continent Asia.

The Capital City of Cambodia is Phnom Penh.

Cambodia is in the Northern hemisphere.

The population of Cambodia is around 16,642,190 people.

Cambodia’s national language is Khmer but many others in Cambodia speak different languages. Some of those languages are French, Cham, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Cambodia’s currency is the Cambodian riel.

A connection between Cambodia & Australia is that they have a defense program together.

Cambodia has no McDonalds in their country, being one of the few places without one. This is because the economy has lack of progress.

Cambodia’s bordering countries are:

Vietnam, East/Northeast
Thailand, Northwest
Laos, North

These are some facts about Cambodia for my Country Of Focus.






How to add colour and text to your button🎨✏️

When you add a reference button, they can be boring and black, with text you don’t want. So today I am going to teach you how to change that!

In a previous tutorial I taught you how to add a button reference, so if you haven’t seen it go check it out!

Click Here!

Step 1. Making sure you are on Text, change the background colour at the top of your code.

Step 2. Next you can change the colour of your text in the button, where it says “colour: white”. Change white to another colour.

Step 3. If you want to change what the button says, go down to the bottom of the code and change the words where it has the photographer’s name. In my example I changed “Lidya Nada” to “Cool 🍩 Pics”.

Cool 🍩 Pics

Now you’ve got the coolest looking button to reference the coolest looking picture!

I hope you learnt how to create an awesome button!


How to Solve a Rubix Cube🏆

Have you ever wondered if you can solve a Rubix Cube? I found out that I can! Here is a video to help you solve it!

To lift your spirits, I thought I’d show that if I can do it so can you! So here is a video of me solving the Rubix Cube!

The song in my video is by Charli XCX.

So, I hope you watch the video about how to solve the cube. Thankyou you to WIRED the channel of the video because they really helped me solve the Rubix Cube!

Let me know in the comments, if you can solve the cube, and if you enjoyed learning how to?



In every blog, you can write comments on what the blogger has posted. Some comments are really awesome! They have great feedback, interesting questions, are very clear to read and are positive and engaging. But some comments can have irrelevant topics, incorrect spelling, bad language, and no questions or feedback. I really want to put in the effort to make a comment that people really appreciate. So here are my ratings for comments (people didn’t actually write these).

Here are the list of comments

Comment 1: 1/5 – This comment needs a bit of a spelling check, more questions, and less “text” language.👎

Comment 2: 5/5 – This comment is a helpful, positive and interesting, that leaves the person answering questions & feeling awesome about the their post.👍

Comment 3: 4.5/5 – This post was engaging, the commenter related to the person who wrote the post and all in all was great. But the punctuation could be improved.👍

Comment 4: 0/5 – This post was very off-topic with spelling mistakes.👎

Comment 5: 4.5/5- This was a really good comment with positive feedback but it needed a question.👍

Comment 6: 0/5 – This is a mean, very unrelated comment that uses “text” language.👎

Comment 7: 2.5/5 – This is positive, but didn’t have useful feedback nor an introduction or a salutation.🤷‍♀️

Comment 8: 2.5/5 – This should have had a respectful disagreement, but instead it was a bit disrespectful.🤷‍♀️

Next time I comment I will remember all these things to have the most kind, useful and positive comment ever!

Write your own comment considering these values, telling me if you agree or disagree with my ratings?


How to add a button reference✅

I have lots of photos on my blog, and I reference them by adding a button.

I get all these photos from an amazing website called Unsplash! You find the most awesome pictures on there and you can reference them.
And here is how I do it…

Step 1. Find your picture, hover over the chosen photo, and press the
downwards arrow (the download symbol).





Step 2. Press, “embed a credit badge”





Step 3. Highlight the HTML code and copy it.

Step 4. Go onto your Edublog post and then press text.

Step 5. Paste the HTML code to your current code.

Step 6. Go back onto the Visual (not the code) and see your button.

Finally, you are done! There are lots of other fun things to do with your button for example, change the colours and the text.

I hope you learnt how to add a button.

If you have any questions please ask.


My Avatar






This is my avatar!

In some lens this looks like me but there are so many other things to me and my face.

For starters, I have freckles, long eyelashes and a much bigger smile. My cheeks are normally bright red from running around all day. The hair isn’t perfect in my avatar, but any hair with curls is close!

I faced a few challenges while creating my avatar:

  • It had limited choices for your appearance so it was difficult to make an accurate representation of myself.
  • It took a while to load onto all of the options, but I stayed patient!

All in all, this was a fun activity, but I am really excited to tell you about my personality!


The Snowy Search

On a snowy, winter night, my hands were trembling, I was shrieking as my hand slipped.

This holiday I went on a journey to Bavarian Alps, Germany to find a lost treasure that my great-grandpa searched for until he died. He spent his life having bonfires, riding sleds with the snowy wolves and having warm cups of coffee. He sang little songs like, “Ants go marching” and tried to sing the latest pop songs (but I doubt it was good). However he learned all the lyrics of my little sister’s favourite song and she enjoyed him singing it, while she cracked up laughing. Next, he told us stories about the snowy mountains when we were little.

One afternoon, we were at school, I remember it like yesterday. I was in English class and the office lady came in with my mum. Mum cried out to me, “Jamey, I need to talk to you, it’s about Grandpa Charlie!” I raced out of the room. Mum sighed and whispered to my face, “Grandpa Charlie got knocked down by an avalanche, I think he’s”, she paused, “gone.” When she said that everything froze, the room was silent.

So, when I set off to the snow I wanted to make him proud. We walked for days, searching for the unfound treasure.

One morning, I set out early to get some water before we start the hike. We went to find the closest river to get the water and purify it. After we arrived at the edge of the cliff we saw the river was down there impossible to reach. Therefore I twisted around planning on heading back to our camp. I slipped on the snowy ice, holding on to my mum’s hand for my life! I was screaming out, hoping I would be alive tomorrow. I was getting exhausted thus my hand slipped and I fell!